Drumming Workshop

This is a workshop that we started in Israel, and it became a hit in camps in our community. A drum circle is a great way to get the whole camp together in an upbeat musical activity, as they let out some energy and have a good time with our instructors. We’ll come to you wherever you choose: Campsite, beach, boat, or wherever! This program is for all ages!
We come with up to 100 drums per group, each participant gets their own drum. Additionally, if necessary we have an advanced lighting and sound system suitable for all conditions.

This is all guided by our professional instructor who has experience getting the attention of all the campers, sitting them on the mat, each with his own drum. He starts off by teaching them basic beats, and then moves on to songs from a playlist that you choose. Then they take it up a notch and start doing various rhythms, eventually making a harmony, each to the beat the instructor gives them, creating a musical experience that will keep them captivated ‘til the end! We can do it around a bonfire, at the beach, on a boat, and late into the night. You can add a story at the end, or good resolutions. This program really helps connect and unite the group! During the last 15 minutes of the workshop, we do a dance with the drums, to the sound of music. The campers make a circle in the middle, then switch to let a new group into the middle to start the fun…


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