The Human Robot:

The 8-foot Human Robot is today’s hottest party attraction. Upon seeing the lit-up robot, your guests will be out of their seats, moving to the beats in no time. With dimmed lights and rocking music, the robot will make an entrance to your party so grand that your guests will never forget it!

Transform the hall into a disco dance floor with our Human Robot. This larger-than-life guy is no joking matter. With shots of cold smoke into the air, colorful laser beams, and a confetti gun, your guests will not know what hit them. What a party! 

Partygoers will receive glow sticks in highlighter green and orange, with which they will groove the night away. There will be no stopping your guests; with beats ringing in their ears and feet tapping on the floorboards, the party will be off the hook.

Does the celebration star – such as the bar or bat mitzvah – want to lead the partyers along with the Human Robot? No problem! We have an additional costume to be worn by a second individual who will lead the crowd as well.


In an instant, the vibe of your celebration will transport people to another planet. They will be in so much shock; they will whip out their phones to take pictures with the robot and to film the star of the evening’s electric getup.

Twinkling lights of pink, yellow, blue, green, white, and purple will fill the room. Cold smoke will shoot at the dancers and the crowd will break loose.

Our team possesses in-depth expertise in entertaining at events such as birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, sweet-sixteens, and every other joyous occasion. We provide the perfect vibe specifically tailored to your audience. Our beats are sure to entertain all!

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